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Beautiful Girls Drawn Into Battle
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Boxing The Girls (mp3 audio)
Hailey and some friends have a private fight club, but decide they'd like to try their hand at taking on a male. They approach Hailey's brother Cody, even offering him a cash prize if he can beat even one of the four of them in a boxing match.

More than confident at his chances, Cody accepts the challenge. But he soon finds out these aren't just any girls, and the rules also are a little unexpected as well..

32 minutes, MP3 Audio


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Secret Fight Club (mp3 audio)
Tom vs Debra in a sexy, private club battle.

Seven Minute, MP3 Audio
Narrated by Claire Louise

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Price: $3.95

Real Crush (mp3 audio)
Jenna vs Shelly (and Chrissie!)

Jenna develops an inexplicable crush on Shelly, a powerful board member at her firm. Her obsession leads her to a private wrestling match with the older woman.

18 Minute MP3 File
About 17 MB

Narrated by Bunny Johnson

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Price: $7.95

Teen Ring Terrors (mp3 audio)

Terrie vs Cheryl: One Fall Female Wrestling!

20 Minute mp3 Audio
About 21 MB

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Battle of the Sexes (mp3 audio)

Backyard wrestling never got so wild! It's a 3 fall mixed match with surprising finishing moves.

About 20 minutes
21 MB mp3 file

Performed by SKYE HAMMOND

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Price: $9.95

The Pool Boy (mp3 audio)

It's a wild and wooly boxing battle between step-mom and step-daughter with the POOL BOY as the PRIZE!

Though delightful to listen to on its own, this MP3 production is NOT fully scripted as a stand-alone audio book, but rather a complimentary read to our JPEG comic "THE POOL BOY." As such you may not get the full understanding of the read without the accompanying images.

About 9 Minutes, performed by SKYE HAMMOND
MP3 Audio, about 9 MB

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Price: $3.25

The Prize is Right (mp3 audio)

This boxing event takes a twist as Deanna's manager wants her to "wait for her signal" before putting Leigh down - but will the "signal" ever come?

15 minutes MP3 Audio with sound effects
15 MB download

Performed by SKYE HAMMOND

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Price: $5.95

Fists of Fury (mp3 audio)

The King Lounge has always had some amazing female boxing matches, but Jennie and Diana are about the raise the bar!

Read by Bunny Johnson.

21 Minute MP3 File
About 25 MB

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Price: $9.95

Gut Buster (mp3 audio)

NEW! Brutal female boxing stories in high quality MP3 format!

Angie finally gets to go woman-to-woman against her rival Barbie. Angie's temper may cost her early on, but her determination to destroy Barbie's belly has the potential to keep her going - and put Barbie DOWN and OUT!

Performed by VERONICA ISLE

About 18 Minutes
16 MB MP3 File

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Price: $9.95

Who's Smothered Now (mp3 audio)

NEW! Fabulous stories featuring fighting girls! MP3 format!

Listen as southern gal "Krusher" Katie, enjoys brutalizing her opponent "Lethal" Lois in a battle that isn't regular - it's "extra spicey!"

Read by Skye Hammond.

20 Minute MP3 File
About 25 MB

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